Tucson, Arizona
WELCOME TO Soul Fitness

At SOUL Fitness, we take a more mindful approach to overall health and fitness. Equally devoted to body, mind & soul — always beginning with the end in mind. We are SOULfully committed to empowering individuals in helping find their optimal balance. Our specialty is saving and changing lives by offering one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition coaching and life-coaching programs available to meet individual needs.

Group Personal Training
Group fitness classes are not only energetic and motivating but are also extremely effective. No more monotonous and repeated routines but instead new and creative workouts each class that help build different muscle groups. Instructors can help with 1 on 1 training with forms and techniques. Half the battle of building a fitness routine is getting to the gym, with a team behind you, you will be much more motivated to create the habit. 42 classes all over Tucson to choose from. Early AM, Mid-morning and Evening.

We can teach you how to lose body fat, gain size or add muscle, eat normal meals and have fun doing it. You can obtain the results you are looking for with the aide of a coach to walk you through the process.
Personal Training
Build lean muscle and learn proper weight lifting techniques 1-on-1 with a certified personal trainer.
Life Coaching
Want more balance in your life?

Have someone help motivate you with achieving and optimizing your full potential.
ONLY $99
includes UNLIMITED Soul Fitness classes!
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