Tucson, Arizona

Diet vs lifestyle change

There is going to be nothing magical about “Clean eating”, Paleo or any other type of “fad diet”. Some of the claims about these types of approaches are that you can eat an unlimited amount of food and it is basically impossible for you to gain weight or to be “unhealthy”.
Well, that’s bull****. Eat too many calories, you’ll gain and it may have adverse affects on your health. If you like pretending you are a paleolithic hunter gatherer while cruising the aisles of the supermarket, that’s fine and If you like the food, that’s fine. But don’t kid yourself that this will magically let you eat a ton of food, be super healthy and not gain any bodyfat.

If you are planning on sticking to “Clean eating” or the Paleo diet and you track your overall daily intake towards your goals, that’s great! But If this isn’t something you think you can live with forever, maybe you should find another way to maintain or progress , like eating smaller portions of nutrient dense foods ,without any crazy restrictions and allowing yourself a ton of variety and treats for sustainability.

Remember… “The diet” that works best, is the one you can stick with and live with forever.