Tucson, Arizona

Do NOT let the scale determine your progress

Oh The scale!!
Fluctuations, going up, going down, staying the same …OH MY!!

People will let it determine our progress but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

You must understand what’s going on inside the body before you become discouraged.

The sole goal should not be quick weight loss on the scale but rather the slow change in body composition so muscle loss and metabolism is not affected during the process.

I understand its a struggle and some want to see the pounds go down quickly but the problem is the scale won’t ever tell you the whole truth about what is happening during the process.

People who are solely focused on losing weight will become discouraged even though their body composition, Health and metabolism is improving, their energy levels are up, clothes are fitting better and how they look naked is vastly better.

I just wanted to reiterate that just because a scale indicates that you weigh more than you did yesterday or last week.
It is NOT necessarily an indicator the program is not working or worse that it is failing.

Main reason, the leaner you become the more glycogen and water you will store inside the muscle cell which in return will mask fat loss on the scale.

The key is keeping a healthy attitude about minor fluctuations, and of course remember that fluctuations of MULTIPLE pounds can happen.

A ton of factors can contribute.
Examples :
-Holding more glycogen from consistent carb intake/training
-Food mass
-Low water intake
-Time of the month
-Increase in carbs
-Rest days
-Being sore from a workout

Also, try not to get upset with the short-term results and completely forget that improving health/fitness and body composition is a lifelong endeavor. You can’t rush the process; it will take a concerted effort and consistency on your behalf to achieve the body and level of fitness you desire for the rest of your life.