Tucson, Arizona

Quick Fixes Always Equal Fast Failures

I started my contest prep 2 weeks ago and Initially I lost 10 pounds, most of it was just water. And the last 3 days I actually gained back 4lbs and I’m totally cool with it cause I look WAY better in the mirror and my muscles are a lot fuller and Energy is amazing.
I most  definitely  struggle with the scale sometimes, but I have to keep telling myself,
if I’m doing everything right (logging, measuring correctly, double checking my fitness pal entries, not sneaking “bites” of this and that here and there, and letting the “tight” days out weigh the “off” days, then I just have to be patient and trust the process and realize
that slow and steady wins the race if I want my body composition too improve and stay healthy, So I can come in at my best on stage. If I drop my overall intake too quick that just means I have a good chance of losing muscle, not having as much energy for my workouts and I am a lot more susceptible to gaining fat back once my contest prep (fat loss phase) is over.

Also, Nothing ever good comes without sacrificing just a little. And I truly believe that the positives totally outweigh the negatives in this process .
Especially when it comes to your health and the way you look and feel!

In other words. IMO.. It’s so freakin worth it.