Tucson, Arizona

“Are you okay?” “You look fine the way you are.” “Eat a burger”!

“Are you okay?”

“You look fine the way you are.”

“Eat a burger”!

“You don’t need to lose or work out anymore.”

With all due respect..

When friends, random folk or family see change in your body and face…and they see this change and its not your “normal” look…

They think and assume you will keep losing at the same rate and turn into a skeleton or something.

Alot of the time they will automatically assume that something is wrong with you or you’re being unhealthy with this “diet thing” but little do the know it’s actually the total opposite…. and 95% of the time it’s exactly the route they should be going themselves.

Most people’s perceptions of what is considered the healthy is somewhat skewed, (considering national averages)

There is a possibility they might just be them projecting their own jealousy/insecurities….

The most important thing is to realize you’re on the right track and you’re taking the necessary steps to be healthy and most importantly…

As long as you’re happy you’re totally fine!

And if you’re worried about what people think of you..
It’s pretty much a guarantee they will get use to the “new good looking you.”