Tucson, Arizona

Don’t Be a Hamster!

2 words…

Accuracy and consistency!

Over long time periods of tracking and especially when someone is in an extended fat loss phase, it’s very easy and somewhat normal for complacency to set in which may lead to more inaccuracies to start popping up more frequently.

It’s SO key to always focus on your tracking habits, so you’re not just spinning on that hamster wheel and you can insure that progress is still being made.

Taking a nibble of this or that, guessing or trusting restaurant meals, not using the food scale, eyeballing certain portions, completely neglecting to log a certain item, not logging various supplements or beverages, sweeteners or condiments, and even sometimes a broken or inaccurate food scale… all of these things can stack up to a substantial difference in what is logged vs what is actually consumed and one could be going over there allowed intake quite often.

Be confident..
Dial it in …and
Don’t be a hamster!