Tucson, Arizona

Time for an Attitude Check-Up!

Can our attitudes really make a difference when it comes to reaching our nutrition goals? And can our attitude impact or affect our progress?

You bet it does!

But why is our attitude so important?

You have probably heard this not once but many times.

Really? Do you have to hear it again? Yes! We do!

Our attitudes play an IMMENSE role when it comes to our lifestyle changes. We know how attitude can influence an individual’s choice of action. A positive attitude is willing to do what it takes, stays optimistic, and has a clear objective. An optimistic mind can respond to challenges with less stress. It’s up to us on how we feel about things and how we see them. If there is one thing we can control, it is our attitude. Ask yourself this “Is my attitude creating happy thoughts?” If not, what are you willing to do to improve your attitude? Let’s face it, less stress leads to a better lifestyle. A Better lifestyle = better progress = better gains!

When we decide to improve our attitudes and we make a choice to see the best of things, everything seems to fall into place and improvements begin to happen.

One of my clients recently said to me, “I’ve made the decision to have fun and enjoy logging my foods with a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). I make it into a game, I challenge myself. I want to win and continue to learn as I do. My positive attitude is what is making the difference.” Now, if only we could all feel this way, right?

Our positive attitudes can actually lead to more patience, which brings us to another topic that needs more discussion. Wouldn’t we all agree that we need more patience?

The fact is that without a good attitude, everything is much harder…I mean A LOT HARDER! I dare you to do a head-to-toe attitude check-up (let’s call it an attitude inventory) and as always celebrate victories and learn from your mistakes with a great attitude. It will be a much smoother ride this way and your mind and body will thank you!

A positive attitude will lead us to positive outcomes. It’s that simple!