Tucson, Arizona

The Smarter approach to fatloss

“Boosting” your metabolism comes from eating in a calorie surplus for an extended amount of time and gaining lean muscle tissue.

You won’t boost metabolism eating in a
fat loss phase or a calorie deficit. And in fact, most of our metabolisms will down regulate and slow as we are in the fat loss phase. Which is normal and necessary to lose bodyfat.

BUT…this is what separates our approach vs your typical “quick fix weight loss plan”….

We avoid going very low calorie too fast, too soon and for too long. As this will prevent less chance of quicker metabolic adaptation or slowdown, which will set us up for more on going continued progress and success.
WE leave “tools” in the tool box (if you will) and “room” to actually move down in macronutrients when a true adaptation sets in.
And by going slow we will also reduce the risk that we will lose lean muscle tissue.
WE also recognize the importance of a “diet break” or a short term “reverse diet” in the “middle” of the fat loss phase to make sure overall intake is not kept too low for too long .
While it may seem counter-productive to only spend shorter amounts of time in the fat loss phase before “breaking” for maintenance in the long term it can provide better results, more sustainability to the plan and also prevent weight regain from happening once you do reach your desired look.

So to sum it up…
Metabolism WILL slow, but it most definitely doesn’t have to be slowed right from the start or at an extreme rate.

Slow progress for that sweet WIN once again.