Tucson, Arizona

Are you in control?

Are you in control of food or is food in control of you??

Hello peeps!! Coach Alfred herimagee!

I wanted to touch base on a topic I come across frequently, our mindset on food and cravings.
Often I get asked the question of

“What should I do when I crave this?”
Not the easiest answer….in my opinion it’s more about 2 things.

1) Find a balance in your eating lifestyle. Yes! There have to be sacrifices with the rewards but there also has to be a lot of what is you in the plan. What I mean by that is simple, why do a plan that is not enjoyable or has too many “cravings”??
If we cut all the things THAT are reasonable out of our diets we are setting ourselves up for failure!! Even if the plan is working, how long will that last? Should you have doughnuts or beer daily? No! Should you eliminate it 100%??? I say no. Can you incorporate that into an eating lifestyle that allows you to have that item maybe 1 or 2 times a month?? Sounds like compliance and consistency is more attainable!

2) Are you in control of your eating or is your eating in control of you?
Before indulging in BLT’s or anything off plan…ask yourself this…

What will I feel afterwards?
What do I want to feel afterwards?
Can this fit into my meal plan?
Can I still make adjustments after?
If I don’t have this indulgent will it change anything?

Behaviors come from foundations that were set long ago, some are harder to break than others. For most we avoid underlying issues because we replace them with something else that can bring the same satisfaction. Ultimately certain behaviors and patterns of action will determine if you will fail with compliance or not.
Goes back to #1….

Does your eating lifestyle and behaviors have balance???

Thank you peeps!
-Coach Alfred-