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Why 80/20???

80/20 rule!

When it comes to eating or “dieting,” most people hear the 80/20 concept and are not sure what that means, for some that means eating 80% “clean” or whole foods and 20% “fun” foods.

When “clean” eating comeimages into play, a topic of debate, that can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Not much of it is wrong but sometimes it is overdone. That can be a topic for another day. For now let’s stick with the concept that 80% is healthy food and 20% is fun food or anything to fill in your macronutrient goals.
The healthy allows us to reach or get some of the minerals and vitamins that would be lacking in junk foods. It also allows us to keep a balance in our eating habits, there will be a time when we must reduce our caloric intake depending on goals or just life’s curve balls, if we can stay in a habit of eating healthy foods often we can easily transition into eating more volume foods than foods that contain little calories to suppress our appetite durning those cuts or caloric deficits.

Vegetables, lean meats, legumes and some grains will allow you to eat more volume while maintaining a caloric intake that won’t get out of hand easily.

Take a Big Mac for example,
25 grams of protein
29 grams of fat
45 grams of carbs


3 oz Chicken breast, 3 oz cooked pasta, 2 oz tomato sauce, 1.5 tablespoons of avocado oil, 2 oz bell pepper, 2 oz asparagus, 2 oz yellow onion…..

28 grams of protein
25 grams of fat
47 grams of carbs

Not only is there more food on your plate with the “whole” foods but a lot more nutrients to keep you full for a lot longer than a simple burger.

Just like life, all good things come at a price. More work for preparing the pasta but with some pre-planning and prepping it is an easy set up for those busy days.

80/20 can also take a different approach to food. Maybe thinking more 80% controlled food and 20% controlled fun food can change our eating lifestyles and bring us more body changes for the good…but that will be a topic for next time…stay tuned folks!

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