Tucson, Arizona

Loading a Magic Box for Long Term Success

I have a magic box. It’s contents increase my motivation and lead to greater focus, both of which broaden my chances of achieving long term success. Across the front of the magic box it says “IGLOO”. My magic box is a cooler, and inside are my macros for the day.

Personal observation: Pre-logging and pre-planning have helped make the difference between staying “in” and slipping “out” of a tight nutrition plan. Staying in gets me to my short and therefore, long term goals. Slipping out gets me more of what I’ve always had when I want something different.

Okay, back on point, I believe that whether your numbers are 135/150/45 OR 175/500/80 (protein/carbohydrates/fat), the most important keys to achieving success while tracking your macros are patience, accuracy, and consistency. (Thanks coach Mike Marconi for pounding this into our nutrition coaches heads over and over!!) I hope you buy this idea as well.

SAY THIS WITH ME: “EVEN IF MY NUMBERS ARE HIGH, patience, accuracy, and consistency are key to long term success.” AND, HEAR THIS: higher numbers may offer the BEST opportunity to practice PAC (patience, accuracy, consistency). The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

I’ve written all of that to get to this one simple point: pre-logging for an entire day can help you achieve your goals.

Do this: Load your magic box with all of your accurately pre-weighed and pre-logged food for the day. Eat the contents of your magic box. Once the box is empty, STOP EATING and have a glass of water. And if the box is not empty, KEEP EATING until it is empty. Then have a glass of water.

Repeat tomorrow.

Simple? Yes! Easy? Maybe not, but simple for sure.

If you are struggling at all with logging accurately or consistently (and frankly, if you’ve been doing BBCFE for any time at all you likely have struggled or you eventually will) this pre-planning, pre-logging and pre-loading a magic igloo can be a very effective technique for getting back in the groove! You don’t have to do this forever (there’s nothing wrong with doing it long term though!). Even one week of pre-planning, pre-logging, and pre-loading, can help to restore frayed motivation and focus. Motivation and focus are most certainly stepping stones on the path to long term success.

And regardless of our individual goals (which are as varied as our individual lives), isn’t long term success what we all want?

Yup. That’s what I thought.

Coach Helen Thoenes