Tucson, Arizona

We All Need A Coach!

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, will never reach their maximum potential” -Bob Nardelli

Everybody needs somebody to tell them what they don’t want to hear in order to make them better. A good coach will always tell you the truth and will always have your back. Here at BBC, you hire us simply for the purpose of making YOU a better person. Every single person on our staff is there because they want to make people better. We all go above and beyond evolving our skills to better serve our peeps. Another cool thing about our coaches is that they actually care. Changing people’s lives is more important than the money.

This is my third year of having weight training class at Ironwood Ridge High School and it is the only year that I have started to see massive gains. There is no way that I could’ve done it without the help of my coaches. My dad, Randy, is my nutrition coach and takes me just as seriously as any other nutrition peep. Mike gave me a solid workout plan to follow and is always critiquing my technique when he catches me lifting.

If you don’t want to settle, then you need a coach! You coach doesn’t have to be somebody you even know. Dave Ramsey is another one of my coaches. I’ve never met him but I’m getting coached by him through reading his books. Find yourself a coach and reach your maximum potential!