Tucson, Arizona

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Please Note: At SOUL Fitness, we want to ensure you have the best experience possible. Therefore, please be sure to check with your instructor on any special instructions for meeting places and parking as these may change from time-to-time. Contact us for inquiries on our Off Season classes.

      Soul Fitness

      Tucson, Arizona
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      Phone:  (833)SOULFIT

      Email: info@soulfitness.me

      Website: www.soulfitness.me

      Take your power back and awaken the sleeping giant within you!

      At SOUL Fitness, we take a more mindful approach to overall health and fitness. Equally devoted to body, mind & spirit — always beginning with the end in mind. We are SOULfully committed to empowering individuals in helping find their optimal balance. Our specialty is saving and changing lives by offering one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition coaching and life-coaching programs available to meet individual needs.


      14 Different Classes!

      We have a Soul Fitness in Oro Valley (7 locations to choose from), Soul Fitness in Tucson  (5 locations to choose from), and Soul Fitness in Marana (2 locations to choose from). 42 classes in total – city wide from early morning to mid-morning and even some evening locations!


      For your convenience, we offer payment plans & gift certificates too!