Tucson, Arizona

Our Services

Group Fitness Classes
Our group fitness classes are energetic, motivating and extremely effective. You will experience new and creative workouts that are different every single time. You will never do the same workout twice!
With classes offered across Tucson in the early-morning, mid-morning and evening, your SOUL Tribe is just one click away.
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Personal Training
Build lean muscle mass, learn proper weight lifting techniques, increase strength & power and tone up that stubborn loose skin.
Our certified personal trainers will help you increase your physical and mental strength in our state of the art fitness facility. Click here to learn more.
Nutrition Coaching
Whether your goals are to lose body fat, gain muscle or feel more confident. We will show you the way through our nutrition coaching program. The best part? You can eat the foods you enjoy, not feel like you are “starving” and finally be in control of your eating habits.
Your freedom is one click away.
Live On Demand Streaming
Would you like to workout in a group setting from the comfort of your home or backyard? SOUL Fitness' live streaming services are for you. You can participate live or come back at a later time to do the workout with your team!
Empowerment Coaching
Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed, wanting more with your career, facing a new stage of life, struggling with money, needing to reinvent yourself? Then our Empowerment Coaching program can help you.
The Trifecta
Interested in multiple services listed above?
For best result plus a discount, combine Group Fitness Classes, Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training to become a part of the "Trifecta!"